Reporting Bugs

Sorry you are having trouble. I want to hear about problems you are having but before I send you off to github to report a bug please look over the following list of common problems and solutions:

I can’t login, I can reset my password, but after that I can’t login again! This is definitely one of the most reported bugs. However in almost 100% of the cases so far, the problem is that you are using your email address as your username. When you registered you created a username, this is what you must use to login, not your email. IF you really are using the username you made and still having login problems then I want to hear from you.

Very often, problems with activecode or exercises can be resolved by reloading your page a couple of times, or by clearing your cache.

OK, now you are still running into some problem. Telling me that X does not work doesn’t really help. gets over 30,000 pageviews a day from people around the world. So most of the time when someone says “X does not work” it does in fact work fine for most people. This does not make it your fault, it just means I need more information to try to make sense of what is going on.

Information to include in your bug report:

  • A link to the page that is giving you trouble. Copy and paste out of the address bar in your browser.
  • What browser are you using? What kind of computer/phone/tablet?
  • If you can find the Javascript Console (google it if you need to) then any messages in the javascript console may be extremely helpful.
  • If you have a username on it may be helpful for you to provide that.

OK, now please click on this link to report a bug. Please note that I really appreciate bug reports on github rather than in my inbox. I understand you need an account but they are free and only take a minute to create. It is much easier for me to track things reported on github than my email!