This Is A New Project

SECTION 1: Introduction

Congratulations! If you can see this file you have probably successfully run the runestone init command. If you are looking at this as a source file you should now run runestone build to generate html files. Once you have run the build command you can run runestone serve and then view this in your browser at http://localhost:8000

This is just a sample of what you can do. The index.rst file is the table of contents for your entire project. You can put all of your writing in the index, or as you will see in the following section you can include additional rst files. those files may even be in subdirectories that you can reference using a relative path.

The overview section, which follows is an ideal section to look at both online and at the source. It is pretty easy to see how to write using any of the interactive features just by looking at the examples in overview.rst

SECTION 2: Add more stuff here

You can add more stuff here.

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